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Author: Keith Rhodes

In this article I'll review some ideas from the book "The Art of Explanation" by Lee Lefever, using some personal examples. Explaining things to people is something we take for granted every day. When we're with our work colleagues, our tech-talk is fine, but sometimes you have that brain-jarring moment when, for example, a child  or simply someone outside your industry asks a question, and you're stumped for words.


Putting promotional or explainer videos together involves thinking through  the most interesting format in which to present information. Sometimes a promotional video needs to be all voice over, but usually I think it adds interest to  put people in the picture.  Having someone make their case, even if only for  a few seconds, adds a human dimension.  I wrote in the last blog post about the benefit of business owners and staff themselves presenting on camera, as they're the ones needing to build rapport with the viewer. We all like to put a face to a name. But how best to do it?

Working out what to  show and say in a video clip, even just the key message(s) isn't always easy. Like any task, break it into components. Marketing 101 tells us to start with a communications objective. For example, 'to improve the attitude of brand switchers by 10% over the next six months'. Small businesses aren't measuring 'attitude', but writing a purpose of some sort does define why you are making a video.