Enthusiastically Improve Your Powers of Persuasion

Six scientifically proven persuasion techniques, plus add enthusiasm. Get a web video at no cost!

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“Straight to Camera Talking Head” versus “Documentary Style Interview”

Which is the best way for people to preset to camera? “Talking Head” looking directly into the lens or documentary interview style looking to the side?

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I’ve Uploaded My Youtube Clip.  So Now What?

Uploading your new video doesn’t get it in front of eyeballs. Here’s some easy tips to socialise it. Getting it “out there”.

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Three methods of persuasion from 2363 years ago – just as relevant today

Find out how to combine different methods of debate, or arguement, to present your case. From Aristotle to today, find out about ethos, pathos and logos. Show a video example.

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