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Business Event Video Production – Melbourne

  /  Business Event Video Production – Melbourne

Leverage Your Workshop or Conference Presentation by Producing a Video

You invest a lot to organise conferences, workshops, seminars and other business events. Event video production is a great way to maximise your ROI. Typically we make either highlights clips or training videos for businesses in Melbourne. Send them to attendees/ non-attendees, put them on your website or behind a paywall. We can:

  • make a montage highlights video making the event look great
  • Get footage for a speaker showreel
  • document the entire session, for information and training.

Video Examples

What’s Included in the Package
  • Filming the event
  • Editing, including ‘B roll’ footage of guests arriving, mingling
  • Powerpoint slides cut in at relevant points
  • On screen text or graphics
  • Cut into a relevant number of clips, usually by topic
  • Editing to create a highlights clip
  • Draft to review before delivery of final
  • Two cameras, one wide to capture audience reaction, and context. The other mid shot of the speaker, to see detail in their expression. Footage from both is edited together.
Extra (not included)

Script writing, filming at other locations, animation, special effects, actors, stock footage, voice over.[/vc_column_text]

Typical Uses for Event or Conference  Videos
  • Highlights clips tend to be fast paced and engaging.  They give a taste of what happened at the event, presentation or seminar, without giving away everything.  They’re great for attracting prospects to the next one.
  • A video of the whole event, presentation or seminar is a great way of passing on the entire session to someone who needs the information or to learn but can’t attend the event.  For example, leverage your training session for new employees by recording to send to others.  Or put it behind a pay-wall and charge customers to view.
  • We can also strip out the audio for podcasts, grab photos from the footage for social media, and generally re-purpose the footage how ever you like.


The Average Investment

For example to film an evening business event and edit into a highlights clip, plus two reviews, typically $1500 including GST.  Contact us to firm up a quote based on what you want.