Frequently asked questions

  • Describe the purpose of the video
  • Who’s the audience, describe him or her as if it’s a single person, an ‘avatar’
  • How and when will they watch the clip
  • What is his or her problem that your product/service will address
  • What’s the main take away message
  • key benefits to mention (no more than three)
  • What will viewers think and feel after watching
  • Where will it be filmed (locations)
  • Where will you display the final video clip (Youtube?  Exhibition stand? website product page?)
  •  Timeframe

We focus on communicating clearly, professionally, and making it interesting and relevant to the target audience.
Being lean enables Clips That Sell to be fast and flexible. We can be filming on location quickly and have a clip edited that day, also saving you costs.  Moreover, I (Keith) love making marketing videos and I try to make the experience fun.

The best evidence is to view the videos and read the testimonials on the Examples page.

For filming we mainly use Sony cinema line cameras like the A7siii, FX30 and Z190. I bring all necessary lighting, tripods, gimbal, drone and high quality sound recording equipment – lapel radio mics and shotgun mics.  We can also create complex animations and animated graphics.

We have experience scripting, filming and editing a broad range of commercial and not-for-profit projects.  Some examples include:

  • Project case study interviews for Hume City Council, similarly for Federation University programs
  • Editing for the payment platform, Stripe
  • Client testimonial videos for a kitchen / bathroom install business
  • Investment attraction videos for Brimbank City Council and separately, Hume City Council
  • 3 clips for Western Water explaining how they deliver water, sewer and recycled water.
  • 7 investment attraction videos for Wyndham City Council
  • Four township videos for Mitchell Shire Council to attract residents.
  • Eight product videos for Sitro Group, owners of the Gasmate brand among others
  • A series of eight short cooking shows for WeCook4U.
  • Short video blog style interviews to camera for Search Engine Optimisation company ROI
  • A number of advertising ‘explainer videos’ for a new company, Pickawall, which makes customised removable wall paper
  • A series of six documentary style interviews with leading environmental sustainability experts and permaculturalists
  • Filming speaking engagements to large audiences by professional public speakers (AP Marketing and Kovess International).
  • Filming testimonial videos for a pharmacy purchasing group under a tight filming schedule.
  • Many others such as recruitment videos, clips for local clubs, a solar power installer, a cerebral palsy service provider, metal art work, skylights, pizza ovens, furniture, Fitness coach.

We understand how best to communicate complex information about products and services.  We have qualifications and experience in marketing, project management, film and documentary production.

First, you may not need to appear in front of the camera at all

second, you may only need to appear for a few seconds or say a very few words

Third, Keith has been an active member of Toastmasters for years and know how to help you relax, enjoy and to be a little more animated and to give your best performance.

Start with a good idea of what you want to communicate in the video – its purpose and who to target. You can draft your own script if you prefer.  Effort on preproduction – sourcing excellent locations, and your talent being well prepared, makes for a much better final video.

Make sure that on the day of filming, any ‘actors’ or talent are well prepared. Make sure speaking lines are rehearsed. Ensure all props and facilities you are providing are available at the right time.

Once we send through a draft video, provide any amendment requests in one go. Generally avoid changes mid-project.

Feel free to ask at the start how you can save costs if you need to.  There may be elements of the process you can do which save us time and your money.

I’m not satisfied until you are.  If  the final video isn’t something to be proud of to promote your business, we will work something else out, such as re-shoot footage or change the script.