Wedding films

How we approach making wedding videos

It’s lovely for the wedding couple, family and friends to have a short video to remember such an important day, which otherwise goes in a flash. As a videographer, I love capturing the emotion and hope on display. Special moments like Grandma with the grandkids, the serious ceremony, boys playing up at the end of the reception. It’s an absolute honour to be part of it.


Typically I’ll film the ceremony and reception:

  • Film lots of cover footage (b roll) close ups and wides of special moments of you and guests
  • Film the ceremony, with the groom, and celebrant miced up, two cameras
  • Record all speeches
  • Edit to create a 2-3 minute highlights clip
  • Edit to create a longer film with speeches.

Wedding video highlights examples

Here are some of the wedding highlight videos I’ve made (filmed and edited)

Your investment

Starting from $1000, please Contact Keith to discuss what you’d like and get a quote.