I’ve Uploaded My Youtube Clip.  So Now What?

This is a great question. Just like a webpage, relying on your clip coming up in organic searches is just one way of socializing it. Here’s a few others:

  • Send a bulk email to your customer list, still works best, and emails with ‘video’ in the heading get 20% more clicks. Use a tool like ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’, a Gmail Add-on.  Emails are individually addressed and you get similar reports to Mailchimp.  To create a thumbnail image for the video, click  ‘Insert image’ and then ‘hyperlink’ to link to the web reference of the Youtube clip.
  •  Youtube – the second largest search engine after Google.  A bit of a dumping ground for all sorts of videos, but still a good place for it to reside and for you to link back to.  Put a link to your clip on these groups:
  • Twitter: has the advantage of being open to everyone.  Use #subject so it comes up in relevant searches.
  • Facebook: those who have ‘liked’ your business page, will see your comment, as well as ‘friends’.  Find the various Facebook groups relevant to your subject.
  •  Linkedin: same again, your network of contacts will see your comment. Find the relevant groups where your target audience hang out.
  • Pinterest, Digg and many others: same again.  I’m not a big user, but these platforms are becoming more popular.
  • Consider using Google Adwords to promote the landing page it’s embedded in.  You bid for the search words or phrases which you want to bring your advert up.   This clip explains:


  • Most of all, integrate with your mainstream marketing activities.  Embed the clip in your website home page or relevant landing page.   To embed a clip, click ‘share’ under the clip in Youtube, and copy the code onto the webpage.
By Keith Rhodes

Video Production for Melbourne Businesses


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