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Actor talking to camera on green screen

Why Use An Actor In Your Videos?

At Clips That Sell we make lots of videos featuring the business owner, directors or key staff. These are the very people who need to build relationships with viewers, eg prospective customers. However, the challenge of working with people who are not professional actors is of course whether they present well on camera. Sometimes they […]

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10 Marketing Activities To Try In Lockdown

Here’s 10 marketing tips of things you can be getting on with whilst bogged down in lockdown.

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12 Different Types of Business Video

Different types of video you can make for your business, based on where the target audience is in their buying cycle. Videos for Awareness, videos to build trust, or videos to convert prospects to sales. Which do you need?

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Use videos to explain software and apps

Clips That Sell specialises in making explainer videos for software and apps.

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