Where to distribute your videos

Where you distribute your videos does have implications how we make them. Here are some common video sharing platforms:

  • Embed on your website home page or About page
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok)
  • On a screen in a reception foyer
  • Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia – used as a link in emails
  • Presentation on a large screen at a conference or event
  • Cinema or broadcast TV.

Before we make the video, we need to think about how you’ll get it in front of your target audience, via these platforms. What will catch their interest early on in the video, and keep them watching? Who are we competing with and what types and quality of video are they making? Should it be a story, with a main character, a challenge to overcome and a payoff at the end. Is it a straight forward description, demonstration or explanation.

At Clips That Sell, we will help you work through these questions in the planning phase.