frogmouth owles with christmas hats

Merry Christmas, and something light hearted.

How’s it going, has it been a good year? No more COVID lock down excuses this year. The showreel video below shows some of the jobs Clips That Sell’s been working on. Enough of the self promotional stuff. One thing I hope does roll over from COVID, is being a bit more human in the […]

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Jars of pickles product photos

Case Study: A Product Video for Maria

Product Videos can be a great way to demonstrate your ethical production process

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Montage of video projects May 2023

A busy video production month – a day in the life

A busy video production month, lists some of the projects we’ve been working on

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Five common mistakes with promotional videos

You may have heard the phrase, ‘give clients what they need, not what they want’. At Clips That Sell that’s sometimes been a hard learnt lesson. What do I mean by this? It’s a balance between making the video the client says they want, versus what we think will work best for their objective. We’ve […]

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A video production case study using an actor

Recent Video Production Examples

Recent Clips That Sell video production projects. Find out how we tackled the challenges.

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Street photography

It’s fun to just go out with the camera and see what you can see. Especially on a thunderstormy day with dramatic clouds. I took these pics about 2pm today and then edited them a little. This is my local shopping strip, Carnegie. More specifically all these pics were taken within about 50m of the […]

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Actor talking to camera on green screen

Why Use An Actor In Your Videos?

At Clips That Sell we make lots of videos featuring the business owner, directors or key staff. These are the very people who need to build relationships with viewers, eg prospective customers. However, the challenge of working with people who are not professional actors is of course whether they present well on camera. Sometimes they […]

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Marketing tips thumb

10 Marketing Activities To Try In Lockdown

Here’s 10 marketing tips of things you can be getting on with whilst bogged down in lockdown.

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What makes a story

What makes a story, and vegies vs business

Melbourne’s in lockdown again (last month the forth and now the fifth). What better time to pump out some content. Here’s two entertaining videos with a messge from me. What Makes A Story This video is part of the series where I go through videos I’ve book marked because I like them. A story is […]

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Keith reviewing videos thumb

Creating Funny Marketing Videos

Do you run out of ideas for content marketing? Here are two short clips in a series, reviewing videos that I’ve bookmarked over the years. Call it inspiration fodder for a videographer and now, also for you.  Here’s the first two. This US video production agency has a system for making funny marketing videos.  They […]

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