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Every project is slightly different so most times we have a chat to understand your needs, so we can provide options and an estimate, or quote, to give you the best bang for buck.

However these are the more common categories of videos we make and they’re presented here as packages with indicative prices ranges.

Filming interview with Sony a7s camera on a Ronin S gimbal

Explainer Videos

This package gives you a tightly edited 2 – 3 minute corporate video which presents an overview of your company, why it’s unique and its capacity. It will show what problems you solve, and build credibility.

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Six Months of Social Media Videos

Content marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships and generate leads, but it needs to be consistent and like all goal setting, life tends to get in the way. Video will covey your message better and sticks better in prospects minds.

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Multi-Camera Live Stream Your Event or Meeting

If you’ve got a school concert, training, conference or celebration to organise in Melbourne, let us provide the live video production with multiple cameras, mics and lights, streamed via platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or Zoom.

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Business Event Video Production

You invest a lot to organise business events. Event video production is a great way to maximise your ROI. Typically we make either highlights clips or training videos for businesses in Melbourne.

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Client Success Stories or Project Case Study Videos

Client testimonials are proof you are who you say you are and that your products and services will perform the way you say they will perform. Video testimonials are sales support, and if used properly, a sales weapon of mass production.

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Use this package make two 30 second adverts or one, 60-90 second introduction video, suitable for your website. Make a number at once for social media to reduce costs. Build prospect awareness of the value you bring.

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Video Production for Melbourne Businesses


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