How We Like to Work (Ts and Cs)

Our Terms

Just so we’re on the same page regarding expectations of each other, here’s how we like to work:

  • One client side project manager, able to make decisions
  • Its generally assumed you’ll organise talent, locations and props
  • 24-hour notice to reschedule filming or a cancellation fee may apply
  • Please organise permission from anyone filmed, or property owners at locations. We can provide release forms
  • You take responsibility for the final videos, in the event they upset someone
  • The video is yours to use once full payment is received
  • Clips That Sell can also use your final video as a reference. This includes uploading or embedding on our website. We may use footage in a showreel video.
  • We will respect your private or confidential information
  • We generally don’t provide raw footage, unless agreed prior to filming
  • We won’t be held liable if work-in-progress gets corrupted or lost, for example due to computer failure or theft, or in the case of live-streaming, if the internet or switcher fails
  • We don’t promise to store the source raw footage, project files or edited videos indefinitely.

Reviewing the Draft Video

We allow for two rounds of review after the first draft, within the quote (unless the quote or package says otherwise). Direct costs like re-recording voice over, new stock footage or actors will be passed on to the client.

The first draft should be what you’re seeking for a final video. We can do some restructuring for the second draft, and the third and final draft should just be minor corrections like typos. Please get back with comments within seven days of us sending each draft video.

Leave comments in the app we send the video in or call to discuss.

Final Video Delivery and Format

We provide drafts and final videos either through, Dropbox or similar. Please download and save it somewhere safe. We delete this copy from cloud storage after a couple of weeks. The final video will be HD (1920×1080 pixels) using the h264 or h265 codec in an .mp4 wrapper. That is unless we’ve discussed something else for example:

  • 23:1 asepct ratio for more widescreen cinematic look
  • 9:16 vertical or 1:1 square for Tiktok, shorts or Facebook
  • If you’ve provided lower resolution footage we may deliver in that resolution.

Payment Terms

  • 50% on appointment, 50% within 14 days of completion
  • Invoice amounts escalate by 8% per month overdue. Collection costs will be added to the invoice.
  • Payment by EFT, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa
  • Clips That Sell Pty Ltd is registered for GST.  Quotes include GST or as specified.

Possible additional costs

  • One stock music track is included. Additional music, stock photos or footage are additional
  • Renting studios/ locations or props
  • Paid actors or voice over can be organised
  • Re-recording voice over or actors after the first draft
  • Changes to the agreed script or plan may incur additional costs.

We will discuss any additional costs with you beforehand.