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Video Production for Melbourne Businesses

If you want more and better leads, you need to show your target market the value you provide. Videos are ideal for this.

Whether you want to raise awareness, generate leads, educate or advocate, our purpose is to achieve your purpose.

Clips That Sell will work with you to craft a persuasive, attention grabbing story. Having made over a thousand business videos, we’ve figured out what works. That includes the structure, messages, style, emotion and how best to put the videos together. We will work with you to get the video production right.

With the right distribution, our videos will generate quality leads.

The Clips That Sells Story

Pricing &

A choice of packages
to suit you

Every project is different so we can provide an estimates or quote based on your needs. As a guide, see our more common packages with indicative prices ranges and examples.

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Our video production process


A great outcome for your video and lead generation requires the right process.  Find out more about the Clips That Sell video production process involving collaboration with your on planning, filming, editing and reviewing.

Our Process

The video you want

The format of videos we produce

There’s a number of typical styles or ways of making videos.  Interviews, talking direct to camera, voice under, or demonstrations.  Then we add cover-footage or ‘b roll’, motion graphics or animation and music.  Learn more about producing the format of video you need.

Where and Who we shoot

Videos to suit Your placement


Where you are going to use your video, does have implications how we make it. Here are some common options:

  • Embed on your website home page or About page
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram)
  • On a screen in a reception foyer
  • Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia – used as a link in emails
  • Presentation on a large screen at a conference or event
  • Cinema or broadcast TV

Read about how placement might impact your video production.

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Video Production for Melbourne Businesses


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