Making videos to achieve business plan goals

Start with your business plan

‘Dream big’, turn the dream into a vision, the vision into SMART goals, the goals into strategies and actions.  That’s how business planning goes, right? Plus some research and analysis to help decide what the priorities should be.  In this article I’ll show how making videos can help you achieve your business plan goals.

Not many of us do it well, but it does show how to move from the big picture, to what’s important today (versus what’s ‘urgent’).  Writing it down gives something to measure against in the future, and to share with others.  Starting with the end outcome in mind, means you know where you’re going.

Persuasive Communication – It’s role in achieving your strategy

Communication will without doubt, form a big part of implementing the goals, strategies and actions.  Marketing is all about how you communicate with prospects (think promotional videos, explainer videos, new product videos).  Operations might require new systems whish staff need to be trainined in (think training videos, recruitment videos).

So identifying your most important communications challenges should be integral to your business planning.  Once you have some specific goals which define the outcomes to achieve,  implementation comes more easily.     What to communicate, who to communicate to, and how to communicate will flow from  each goal.

A sound strategy

A sound strategy is most important for marketing content.  It will address who the target audience is and how you  will get the content, such as videos, in front of them.  For example should the videos be on your website, on a screen in your foyer, shown at exhibitions, will an Adwords campaign push them out to suspects?  How will you measure performance?  Same questions as for any marketing campaign.

Sometimes your goal might be to attract the right kind of customers rather than more, to save time responding to those you can’t help. Clips That Sell previously made this for renowned Melbourne photographer, Rob Anderson.  It simply profiles him and his studio, helping create a brand personality.

We’ve also been making training videos for a home cleaning franchise operation.  Just like McDonalds, having great systems is a core part of any franchise, and videos are a great way to train, to show you have developed systems and therefore also to sell more franchise operations.

At Clips That Sell

Having clear communication goals is the key to you being delighted with the final video outcome.  At our first meeting, it’s imperative to understand why you want to make a video,  who you’re talking to, what you want to say, and how.  How much is it worth investing in superior production values (better actors, multiple locations, hiring equipment).  Whether a video is your best option, will depend on your goal, audience and resources. If we’re not sure video will be the most effective solution, we’ll be the first to say.

So what are your biggest communication challenges? I’d love to find out.

 By Keith Rhodes.  Director, Clips That Sell.  A video production company in Melbourne.