Multi-Camera Live Stream Your Event or Meeting


If you’ve got a school concert, training, conference or celebration to organise in Melbourne,  let us provide the live video production  with multiple cameras, mics and lights, streamed via platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or Zoom. A professional webcast. We can also switch to your powerpoint or video presentation.

Live streaming (as compared to a pre-recorded video) creates an “event”. It’s more spontaneous, immediate and folk need to participate or miss-out.  Viewers can ask questions via live chat.

The Deal

Live streaming is a line of business we’re keen to build, so take advantage of our COVID offer: $578 per half day (excl GST).

This includes setting up and down, three professional cameras and equipment, and one person on site (fully vaxxed, with mask and Working with Children check). We will set up the Youtube video in advance so you have plenty of time to send the link out viewers before the event.

We also provide you  with a high resolution recording of the event at the end.

It’s great if the venue has a fast internet connection. We also ‘bond’ or join different celular networks with the house internet to provide a reliable connection.

Multiple Camera Set-up

We can set up to four professional cameras so your audience gets a comprehensive view.  For example switching between a wide shot, a close shot, speakers and audience.  We can also switch in presentations, videos or graphics.

Delivered  to your remote audience via platforms like Youtube Live

We can embed the player in your landing page, or simply send you a Youtube link a week ahead which you email  to your audience.
It can be either private for those who you provide the URL link, or it can be public
The remote audience can leave comments or participate via a chat feed.

Recorded in High Resolution for Later Playback

We can record the live-switched event, and provide that on the day. Or we can edit it and create a highlights video.

Pricing &

A choice of packages
to suit you

Every project is different so we can provide an estimates or quote based on your needs. As a guide, see our more common packages with indicative prices ranges and examples.

More about our packages

Our video production process


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The video you want

The format of videos we produce

There’s a number of typical styles or ways of making videos.  Interviews, talking direct to camera, voice under, or demonstrations.  Then we add cover footage or ‘b roll’, motion graphics or animation and music.  Learn more about producing the format of video you need.

Where and Who we shoot

Videos to suit Your placement


The style and editing of your video may need may vary depending upon where you want to show it – website, social media, reception, presentation etc…  Read about how placement might impact your video production.

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