Small Business Brand Video Options

Choosing between the many options to promote your business can be overwhelming. At Clips That Sell, we understand that as a small business owner, crafting compelling videos to showcase your services is a crucial step in making a lasting impression on your prospects. Let’s explore three different styles and price points for customer-focused videos:

  • Connect personally with a pitch to your audience
  • A short advert showing the problem your service solves
  • Unveil your story with an explainer video

In all cases we help write video scripts. Scripts often start by relating to the customer problem/frustration/need, then demonstrating your solution.

Option 1: Connect personally, with a classic pitch to your audience

Welcome to our cozy home studio in Ormond. With a green screen background and lighting, your video becomes a canvas for creativity. The videos include:

  • Help preparing a script
  • Filming you presenting to camera, possibly using a teleprompter. Includes coaching you on presenting your best. Plenty of time for retakes
  • Intro, outro and text slides – with your branding
  • ‘Broll’ or cover footage to help show what you’re describing
  • Carefully selected music track to fit the tone of your message
  • 1 minute to 90 seconds length

Investment: $660 including GST

An example video

We filmed the talent on green screen in our home studio.

Option 2: A short advert showing the problem your service solves

Perfect for those who prefer a polished and professional touch without the need for a presenter. These clips sit well on a landing page. They use stock footage, photos and motion graphics or text with an underlying professional voice over. Or we can use any existing footage and photos you have. The pack includes:

  • Collaborating with you to prepare a script
  • Curating high quality stock footage and photos (our preferred vendor)
  • Organising and procuring voice over (our preferred vendor)
  • Integrated motion graphics and animated text reflecting your brand
  • Licensed music
  • One round of review
  • 30 to 60 second play time.

Investment: $1350 inc GST

An Example Video

All done with stock footage/ photos and pro voice over. No filming required.

Option 3: Unveil your story with an explainer video, plus two shorts

For a more in-depth exploration of your business, choose on-site filming anywhere in metro Melbourne. This option is perfect for project case studies, client testimonials, or detailed business and service explanations. The package includes:

  • Thoughtful script and interview preparation
  • Half to 3/4 day filming on site. Plenty of time for re-runs and ensuring shots are perfect. Multiple cameras, professional lighting and audio
  • 4k filming, capturing the essence of your business
  • Animated intro/outro and graphics – reinforcing your brand
  • Bonus: Two additional shorts (30 second clips) for social media sharing
  • Main video 2-3 minutes long
  • Two rounds of review

Investment: $2700 inc GST

An Example Video

Testimonial for a small procurement business

Get in touch to discuss

These packages can be mixed and matched according to your needs. Ask about including photos.


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