Website Video and Photo Pack, DISCOUNTED

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Videos & photos for your webiste

This pack is great for a small business needing a graphic lift to their website with video and photos. It includes a 1 to 2 minute introduction video explaining your business or offer, and 10 edited and polished photos of you or your business.


After watching the video, viewers will know how you can help them and will feel like they know you. The photos can be what ever you need. For example head shots, team photos, product shots or showing staff at work.

How it works

Filming and photos are done in a half day at one location in metro Melbourne. For the video, you can either present to camera using a teleprompter, or we can take footage of your operations and add voice over. This will be edited together with titles, graphics and music like the examples.


  • Planning meeting prior to the shoot
  • Filming at an agreed location. Or we have a green screen studio. I’ll give lots of direction if you’re presenting and allow time for retakes
  • For the video, intro, outro, animated titles, cover footage, your branding, music track
  • Photos will be as per the plan, professional lighting and posing advice. Lots of photos taken, up to 10 will be edited and delivered.
  • Draft to review before delivery of final.


  • Actors
  • Voice over
  • Motion graphics or animation
  • Stock footage

Your Investment

Normally this package starts at $1470 including GST but for bookings made during April and May 2022 – a discount price of $970 Inc GST. This applies to businesses in metro Melbourne and includes one round of review. Ts and Cs apply.

Video examples

Photo examples

See photography page here

Pricing &

A choice of packages
to suit you

Every project is different so we can provide an estimates or quote based on your needs. As a guide, see our more common packages with indicative prices ranges and examples.

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