12 Different Types of Business Video

Leading companies are now doing so much more with video marketing.  Long gone are the days of just having the corporate video on the Home or About page.   So here are 12 different types of business video to consider. Like Sephora, the makeup brand, which went from making 250 videos in 2016 to 600 in 2017.  There’s some serious marketing strategy, planning, coordination and in-house production going on there.  And why not with 14 million followers on Instagram and 1 million on Youtube.

An SME business in Melbourne is probably not going to make 600 videos in a year, but what should you be doing?

Rather than going into too much strategy,  I want to give you some options for different types of videos you can make, for different stages of your sales funnel or pipeline, being:

  • Raising awareness (top of funnel)
  • Nurturing leads
  • Converting prospects, (bottom of funnel) and lastly
  • Internal videos for your team.

The basic principle here, is to provide more detailed information as prospects progress through to becoming clients.


1) 30 second to 1 minute commercials

Much like the attention grabbing adverts you see on TV, sometimes also including a specific call to action, but often not telling the full story.  More of a teaser to get folk to investigate further or raise consciousness to your solution. Often action footage with voice over. Check out this package. Here’s an example we made for a business in Melbourne.

2) Explainers

A 1 to 2 minute video that shows the problem and your product or service solution. It could also be short education videos, like a real estate agent explaining the top level steps of how to buy a house. Examples here. 

3) Promotions

A short video promoting a discount, offer or event. Mainly talking head, plus some footage of what you’re promoting.   Eg an offer on Shopify or Facebook.


4) Client testimonials/ third party endorsement or influencer videos.

These videos can be very persuasive. Getting someone “independent” of the business, talking about their experience of using your product or service. They’ll use the language your prospects use and talk about their personal experience of the benefits.  It can be edited so they describe ‘the problems’ they had beforehand and how your solution helped, as a case study story.

5) Explainer and ‘How to…’ videos

Similar to the explainer videos above but with more detail and information.

6) Corporate or brand videos

These can talk about the mission and vision of the business, its raison-d’être, plus beautiful footage.  They help enthuse those who share your values.

7) Social snippets or tips

Often filming a bunch at the one time, 15 second vines or clips that answer a single question or show a product being used.

8) Case studies of past projects

Ideally as with Testimonial videos mentioned in point 4, you get the client to say how great it’s been.  If you can’t get the client to talk on camera, the business itself can show the project is progress and the final outcome – talk about the benefits.  Anything from removing rail crossings, to setting up sound and light at a wedding.


We’re getting to the pointy end of the funnel – time to ask for the business.  If you’re submitting a tender or putting in for a big project, include a personalised video from the team or executive, to go with the written proposal. It will help build trust, show you’re human, and give clues as to your capacity.  I’m picturing just a one minute talking head, with footage of the team/ office at work, re-iterating in summary why you’re the right team for the job. And you can do a review and thank you video at the end of the project.

9) FAQs

Answering all the questions your client’s ask. They’re great for software products where videos can simply be screen capture with voice over. Think about whether FAQs need to be videos though.  Text is easier to search.

10) Tutorials / Next Steps/ On-boarding videos

These help ease the transition from prospect to client, and educate the client on your systems and how you work.  For example a web developer could show and explain the information they’ll need from the client for project startup.

INTERNAL VIDEOS – for your team

Customers aren’t your only stakeholder.  For some businesses, attracting the right staff is a challenge, and recruitment videos can help.  Have existing staff show what the culture is like and why it’s a great place ot work

11) Induction, training and company policy videos

Their purpose is self explanatory, and productions can range from a Powerpoint slide show through to filmed and highly refined videos.

12) Team building videos

This could be an end of year highlights real, or videos to celebrate successful projects or events.

If you are going to make a bunch of different videos, also think about the over-aching tone.  Will they be formal, informal, humorous, and how will you keep viewers engaged? Most important as with any business communication, stand in your target audiences’ shoes and talk to their needs, desires or motives.

Give me a call if you’d like to discuss any of these options, especially if you’re a small business in Melbourne.

By Keith Rhodes
Director, Clips That Sell