On-boarding form for new projects

New Project On-Boarding Form

Please fill in this form as best you can and leave blank anything you’re not sure about. We will also discuss. It just ensures we don’t miss any key questions.

eg ‘a client testimonial interview’, or ‘explain a product’, ”an interview”, “staff training’ or ‘business introduction’
For example, ‘to explain xyz… to promote…. to persuade about….
Describe your perfect buyer. What are they thinking/ feeling that makes them want what you provide?
Dot points for the video content
You, a staff member, an actor, voice over?
Paste in the URL of any reference videos you like
eg Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, theatre, TV, trade show, foyer TV screen.
Video formats you require
Burnt in Captions
Incurs a small additional cost
Final Video Resolution*
*For videos viewed on the internet, HD (1920x1080px) is recommended. 4k is better if the final video will be projected in a theatre or trade show on a large screen. It does cost more to produce.