Case Study: A Product Video for Maria

I recently made a clip and took some photos for Maria, who makes the most amazing pickles and preserves. She makes them at home and has great looking jars and labels to create an organic and natural brand feel.

This, combined with the vivid vegetable colours and the movement of making the pickles, made it a prime candidate for video with lots of closeups, slo-mo, speed ramps and sound effects. I made a version for me, cut to the beat of a rock music track and one for Maria to a classic Italian track.

We considered filming at the Fitzroy market where Maria has a stall, or using a studio, but instead settled on Maria’s kitchen as the backdrop. I used two mirrorless cameras, one on a slider. Filming took 2 to 3 hours. I could easily have spent a whole day playing but we were both on a timeline budget.

The video roughly follows the path of making Maria’s favourite preserve based on her Italian heritage, Giardiniera.

Benefit of Videos versus Photos

Let’s face it. Buying a jar of pickles isn’t a big decision. What marketers might call a ‘low information’ or impulse purchase decision. Folk don’t need to do background research, or click on a video. Great photos on social media or other places where Maria can’t have the physical product, will usually suffice to promote it.

Having said that, the video does show Maria is a small scale artisan, not Coles or Woolies who’ve contracted a factory to look like a small scale artisan. She’s the real ethical deal and the video shows it by showing her pickling process. The pace, style and short length keeps it engaging. If you’ve met Maria at a market and bought her products, you most likely would watch the video when it pops up in your socials. It’s going to reinforce that brand loyalty and repeat purchase.

If you have a product you’d like to promote with photos and show how it is made, please call me, Keith and Clips That Sell. Especially for small businesses in Melbourne.