Recent Video Production Examples

Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms – Renovation Case Study

Every now and then a great video production example or case study project comes along for a business. In this case for Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms, it’s a full renovation of a kitchen, ensuits and bathrooms of an East Brighton home. We engaged an actor, Cindy, to show off the finished project.

The video is two production styles in one. The first and last part follow Cindy as she walks around showing and demonstrating the features. This gets us away from a staid interview or talking head presentation. There wasn’t a whole lot of planning for this, we just discussed and practiced each room a couple of times. The second style is where Cindy is sitting at the kitchen counter presenting. She’s reading from a teleprompter. This allows her to quickly and precisely deliver the facts of the project.

The hardest shot to get was the first shot. Cindy memorised the first scene of dialogue and then we went straight to the walk around the kitchen.

Filming took 3/4 of a day and there was still more Broll and close-ups that we could have done with.

School Procure – Client Success Story Videos

We made three client testimonial videos for School Procure. Filming for each took around half a day, including interviews and filming Broll (cover footage shots). We also used some footage provided by the schools. There were a number of procurement projects to cover for each school which adds to the video length, however the small target market will be engaged. School Procure is using these videos on its website as well as social media platforms like Linkedin.

Hypnofit – Facebook Advert

We made a half a dozen videos for Eleni, founder of Hypnofit and repurposed this one as a Facebook advert for her digital marketing agency to roll out on Facebook. The square format means more real-estate on social media platforms like FB and Insta. Vertical is also good for reals, but we would need to plan for that aspect ratio from the start.

We filmed Eleni on green screen in our home studio and she provided most of the cover footage and photos. It’s all about the outcome, not high production standards. Or in other words, getting your message across is often more important than perfect imagery. The agency were very happy with the clip.

And a Wedding

Got to love a wedding.

We’ve also been working on an affordable 30 second video format with voice over that gets the point across quickly.  Great for SEO on a product landing page or again as an advert on socials. Check out this package which includes photography and the second video on the page.

Please call if you have a video production idea in mind.