Where and Who we shoot

Where we can shoot

Right location is about creating the right setting and context

Choosing the right location is about creating the right context for your video. Even for a short interview, what is in the background says something.

The most common choices are:

  • You’re workplace whether it is an office, shop, factory, warehouse or farm
  • Our home office green screen studio (the green screen allows alternative background images or footage
  • Hire or borrow another location, but it a larger studio, an events space, a trendy co-working space, a park, or a nice home via Air BnB.

For most videos, we also shoot ‘b’ roll or cover footage at the same location.  This footage helps build the story and shows what you are talking about.  Contact us to discuss location options.


Who We Shoot

A good story needs a great character at the heart! 

Just like picking a location, there’s a couple of options:

  • You or someone in your business can present to camera, either via an interview, or talking direct to camera (1st person). Afterall, it’s you and your staff that customers will have a relationship with.
  • We can hire an actor, they will learn the lines and present well on camera, being conscious of their expression and body language
  • We may just need voice-over the ‘b roll’ cover footage.
Contact us to discuss location options