What makes a story, and vegies vs business

Melbourne’s in lockdown again (last month the forth and now the fifth). What better time to pump out some content. Here’s two entertaining videos with a messge from me.

What Makes A Story

This video is part of the series where I go through videos I’ve book marked because I like them. A story is different to a description. The three act structure:

  1. Establishes the scene. The characters and the location
  2. The body usually shows the protagonist on a journey, overcoming challenges and setbacks to achieve their goal
  3. This culminates in a climax and then it resolves with everyone living happily ever after, or not.

It can be done in a 30 second TV commercial.

Growing Vegies is Just Like Growing a Business

Another lockdown video. It shows how growing a business is very much like growing vegetables. “If you don’t plant a seed, you won’t get a harvest” etc. If you’d like help planning some videos, give me a call. What else can I say, just watch it.