What makes a great Video Advert

Ever wondered what it takes to make a great video advert? The clever adverts you see on TV versus most small business #video clips on socials? It’s as much the strategy as it is the execution, or the quality of the filming and editing.

Take a look at this funny advert and imagine what the thought process was prior:

Here’s a few tips to get an outcome like this on you next production:

1. Constrain yourself – you’ve only got 30 seconds to communicate.  This challenge brings out the best.

2. Don’t be safe conservative.  Don’t go with the first most obvious way of communicating your message

3. Find a key audience insight “their truth” and leverage it, as per the Honda mower advert which plays on the fact that some guys actually enjoy mowing their lawn.

4. Or it may have a metaphorical theme running through. I saw an advert for a consultancy recently saying ‘we stand in your shoes…” as an excuse to have shots of shoes/ walking.

5. Steal, extrapolate, brainstorm, and push ideas to the extreme.

Here’s something similar we made recently, very quick and easy:

If you have seen or thought of a creative idea for an advert – why not give your local video producer a call and see what it would take to make it.  It may not be as hard as you think.

Contact Keith Rhodes at Clips That Sell if you’d like to make a great video advert. And here’s a landing page with a package to do just that.