Case study of Filming a Bike Race

We had a ton of fun filming the Gran Fondo bike race, starting from Lorne for Wiggle last week-end. After-all, how often do you get to ride your motorbike on the wrong side of the road, overtaking the police and in some of the most beautiful country. 

The hardest bit was after stopping and filming riders as they came past, we then had to overtake them all and get to the front again.  A bit tricky even with the roads being closed off.  5000 riders, 120km race.  This clip is the ‘making of’:

My 2nd camera person rode backward pillion so she could film.  Best of all from a filming viewpoint, was the variation in weather from sunshine and blue skies along the Great Ocean Road to misty rain in the hills.

Tools used:

  • Sony FS700 camera with 18-55mm lens on a DJI Ronin gimbal for most of the side-of-road footage
  • Sony VG30 camera on back of motorbike, footage needed a lot of stabilizing in post
  • Typhoon drone for aerial shots
  • Two camera people (myself and Emy) and the Suzuki DL650 motorbike.

Lessons learnt?  The Ronin provides beautifully stable camera movement but it’s too heavy to use on the back of the motorbike.  We couldn’t use a car, and VG30 footage was all over the place.  Next time I’ll get one of the smaller hand held gimbals which can hold a mirror-less camera like the Sony A7s.  Having a third person to look after the drone would  have been good too.

It was a nice change from making corporate videos.

By Keith Rhodes

Video Production for Melbourne Businesses


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