It’s all in the Video Background!

What goes on around the edges of your video, ie everything else in the frame that is not the subject in the foreground,  says bucket loads about you.  In film, documentary or stage production it’s called the “mise en scene” – the process of setting the stage.  It represents an opportunity not to be wasted. So think about it in the pre-production video planning stage.  Here’s an example.

Recently a client came to us with an app he’d developed and wanted to explain with a video.  He was keen to show the app on a tablet or ipad, clean and simple on a white background, like this:

media blender video


We did film this version on the white background, with the hand coming into screen and showing the functions of the app.  The final would have had just music and text on screen to explain.



After a bit of discussion and looking at others examples, we persuaded the client to go with this as the final video:

Especially with the first scene, using an actor looking comfortable at home, adds so much sub-conscious meaning. It adds production value and positions the app.  Plus we used the actor’s great voice instead of just on-screen text.  The client was really happy with this outcome.  The investment was only a little more with the actor.

So next time you’re using pictures or videos on your website, think about alternative locations and backgrounds. How can they establish the context and position you in the market?

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