Use videos to explain software and apps

There’s so many software solutions, cloud based or otherwise.  ERPs, CRMs, CMS….. all those apps on your phone. In this post I’ll show why you should use videos to explain software and apps.

A typical sales process for a software product or app starts with the prospect identifying they have a need, and doing some research to find a solution.  Maybe someone else shows them this solution exists, or they’ve come across it somewhere, or simply researched online.    Sooner or later, they’ll most likely arrive at the software provider’s website, where they’ll get  some further explanation of the functions and benefits.  However it’s often not a lot of explanation, and very quickly the prospect is encouraged to “try” the software or app with a free trial.

Free or not, going that next step to a trial is a fairly large ask. It involves giving up details, and investing time and effort to learn the software and input data. Check out this post on the cost of knowledge.  But the prospect isn’t sure if it’s the best solution for them yet!  It’s often here the sale is lost.

Videos can help

A few extra steps in the sales funnel will ease the way, and video is perfect.  The prospect connects with the characters and story being told and get to see how the solution really works, like these:

Video achieves a few things:

  • The dialogue, footage, animation and titles woven into a story, are more engaging and easier to digest than reading about an app.  Video screen-capture can be combined with real world footage to show what the app achieves and how it’s used in practice.  Explaining it better effectively improves your conversion rate, of website visitors into $ sales.
  • Viewers tend to watch more of a video and stay longer on your website, sending the signal to Google you’re providing relevant content and helping your search engine ranking.
  • Google likes Youtube videos anyway, and of course some prospects will find your clip within Youtube first.

So if you’ve got the perfect software solution to a niche problem, no matter how fantastic, you still have to do the marketing. Think about how you use video well, as part of your sales funnel, to explain how it works.

If you’re interested in making a start with video, check out this package and call us.

By Keith Rhodes, Director

Clips That Sell Pty Ltd