Easy, low cost way to make business web videos

Recently a client wanted a bunch of client testimonial videos, but didn’t have the budget for me to go visit and film them all.  So instead, they filmed with their Iphone, and I edited, added the intro, outro, nameplate and music.  This is how they ended up:

Whilst it would look and sound better with professional recording, this cost around $550 for 6 clips like this, much less than if I had had to travel to six different locations, even on the motorbike.   It can be a good solution, especially if you’re a budding photographer and can get hold of a decent microphone.

I’m thinking about making a short course, or series of videos to show how to DIY, for $87 ish.  It would cover scripting, filming, presenting to camera, editing and output formats.   Would this be useful to you? Love your feedback or suggestions.

Done For You

My main game however, is scripting, filming and editing business videos for you. I’m happy if you want to do any of these elements yourself, but remember I’m doing them all day every day. If you’re time is valuable, it may be more cost effective, quicker and a better outcome if I do it.

Like this one I just did for Ailsa Page of AP Marketing. We started at the top by identifying the key messages, tone and feel. Ailsa wanted to come across as an engaging, dynamic speaker and knowledgeable about marketing. Did we achieve it?


By Keith Rhodes