Make-Up Tips for Men and Women being filmed

My photographer colleagues have it easy when it comes to making their clients look good.  They can do all sorts in Photoshop. Remove blemishes, whiten teeth and eyes, and remove wrinkles or dark rings around the eyes.

In video it’s not so easy with 25 frames (or pictures) per second. Much easier to use a little make up. Even for men. If you’re presenting to camera or being interviewed, you want viewers to focus on you – your message, and not be distracted by your shiny forehead or the zit on your chin.

So a couple of weeks ago, I got together with Lucia Cardamone from Nutrimetics, who showed me what folk being filmed can do. And I filmed her presentation for your pleasure. You’ll also get to meet my daughter, Lucy who’s the model.  In these clips you’ll learn about:

  • Removing red blotches, or lightening a red nose
  • Dealing with deep set eyes
  • Foundation versus mineral powder to deal with oily or shiny skin.

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