Maximise your Teleprompter Magic

Reading a script from a teleprompter isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In this video I explain how best to use a teleprompter as part of a video production.

Watch the video, but if you can’t here’s the summary.

The teleprompter means you get your message right in front of the camera, when every second counts.  Without ums and ahhs, and without having to memorise anything.

However, folk often look a bit wooden reading from a teleprompter unless they’re used to it.  Two main things to do to prepare to minimise this, are:

  • Write your script the way you speak.  Use plain English, no waffle. Minimise technical jargon. Remember you only have around 150 words per minute of video.
  • Practice.  Even though you’ll be reading, you need to know well what’s coming next.  This way you don’t have to have your eyes too fixed on the teleprompter.

If you can overcome its negatives, the teleprompter is a really handy tool.


Written by Keith Rhodes, Director,

Clips That Sell Pty Ltd



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