A video production case study. Client testimonial videos for Action Centre.

Action Centre is a group of professional business coaches that has the goal of helping business owners grow their businesses, make more profit and have more time to themselves. This article is a case study about how Action Centre use client testimonial videos.

Keith and Clips That Sell has been on hand for years to make short client success story videos . This has become a tool vital to the success and growth of Action Centre, according to Maria Lynch, their Marketing Director.

‘Our message for Action Centre is “Build a better business, build a better life”,’ says Maria, ‘so Keith and I work together to make sure that that branding message comes through in all of the videos. That’s the journey we want to show people.’

Maria says that the format of Keith’s videos is key, so that in two minutes, business owners identify with the people in the videos and see the personal journey of people like themselves becoming more successful and happier in their lives.

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Maria appreciates how easy Keith is to work with in how responsive he is to the needs of Action Centre. A year ago, Maria decided upon a direction for the videos that was to be more of a personal narrative, with beginning, middle and end, and together they created the format of a story-like real-life documentary which works perfectly. ‘It’s all about an experience and a journey,’ says Maria, ‘so the videos tell the story of the journey that each client takes.’

The information available to potential clients, if in written form, would bump many readers off for its density, but a video lets clients understand what to expect in under two minutes, in a very consumable, very relatable form.

‘People leave that visual story with a sense of ‘I could do that, they’re like me, I could be like that,’ says Maria, ‘The best way to be sold is to see how other people have gone through it themselves.’‘With Clips That Sell, with Keith, he’s really good because he’s able to tell that story through the eyes of the people who are actually being coached, so that’s the difference, so those videos convey the emotion of how it feels to go through the coaching.’

The best measure of the impact of these videos is that the great majority of people who come in cite the videos as their inspiration. ‘We get about 100 people searching us online,’ says Maria, ‘but the real measure is people coming in the door, and often they reference the videos they have seen in looking us up, saying ‘I watched your video, can we have a chat?”

Beyond merely inspiring the clients, Keith’s videos have an uplifting quality for those in Action Centre themselves, ‘I walk away feeling “Gee, I feel really inspired by that” because he cuts it together really nicely. You walk away feeling ‘Wow, that’s really cool!’

Keith is also appreciative for the relationship that he has had with Action Centre, ‘I’m grateful to them for helping me develop an easier to deliver client testimonial package, which I have been able to offer to other clients, he said, ‘We dig deep in the interviews to identify the benefits clients have received from their service.’