Crime Stoppers – Skate. Learn. Connect.

The Brief

Crime Stoppers Victoria run a program to engage with 12 to 24 year olds, by running skateboard jam sessions at local skate parks. They wanted a video to explain the program, show it in action and the value it provides.

Our Solution

The client provided a brief and we came back with a quote and stylistic examples in response. We brought in a videographer who was also into skateboarding as second camera support. The jam sessons only last an hour and a half, and with interviews as well there was a lot to capture.

We filmed at skate parks in Tarneit, Kilcunda intially. Unfortunately we got lots of footage of skaters without helmets and it was only later the client advised they all had to have helmets. Lesson learnt. So we filmed a third skate park session in St Albans.

The client provided a brand style guide which made making the graphics and text easy.

The Outcome

As well as explaining the program, the video shows kids learning tricks, having fun and engaging with services.

If you've got a program or initiative in Melbourne to show and explain, lets discuss some options.