Great Sound Design – What difference does it make to your videos?

It’s often said in video production circles “you can get away with imperfect footage, but not with imperfect sound”.  Moreover, great sound design makes a huge difference to the quality of your videos. It’s not just recording of the voice.  Listen to this example.  It’s the effects applied, its the foley, the music and how it’s all paced with the rythm of footage cuts.  That’s where emotion is created.  (Foley is sound effects like the whoosh of the train or call of the bird in this clip).

It sets the mood of the video, along with the music, just as it does in films.  For example, if you’re filming an interview in suburban garden, I think it contributes positivey to the video have bird song or possibly distant kids playing, in the background.  Just as you’d expect traffic noise and voices if filming a taxi driver in the Melbourne CBD.

Sometimes it’s tempting for clients to want to get rid of these background noises but where possible I’ll point out the depth, context and atmosphere they provide.

I got together with Jeff at Yes Audio to make this sample. Geoff is also based in Melbourne and he engineers the sound for lots of radio adverts.  All the video and voice recording was done in our studio in Ormond.

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