Southpaws Vet Surgery Patient On-boarding

Southpaws New Client's Video (Primer Video) from Keith Rhodes on Vimeo.

The Brief

The client, Southpaws specialty veterinarian surgery, wanted a video to show their customer pet owners what to expect when they arrive with their animal for surgery. It also needed to put them at ease in regard to the quality of care.

Our Solution

We discussed budget with the client who was happy to spend more for a better outcome. So we suggested using an actor to present and a second camera operator to make the most of limited time in the theatres to get more footage. We picked a great music track to match the tone of the video and message.


Southpaws is growing from strength to strength and now needs videos for recruitment. We're not suggesting their success is because of our videos, but they have at least had the initiative to make them, which points to their growth attitude.