A Fun Christmas Video Example

Christmas is a good excuse to touch base with prospects and thank customers. In this post I’ll show a fun Christmas video example we made for CS Consulting back in 2015.  We don’t have to wait for Christmas to do something fun.

Would you like to send Christmas cards to clients this year? For a change and a bit of fun, why not make something like this video we did with CS Consulting last year:

How it works

I come to you, set up in your meeting room, and film these quick vox-pops, five minutes per person. Ask what ever question you like. Send it out to clients and prospects. It’s a lot of fun.

Or maybe something for more than just the silly season, like this:

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There’s lots of examples of past videos we’ve made here. Or check our testimonial videos page.

Keith Rhodes, Director
Clips That Sell Pty Ltd