DIY Clips vs Professional Videographers

frogmouth owles with christmas hats

Merry Christmas, and something light hearted.

How’s it going, has it been a good year? No more COVID lock down excuses this year. The showreel video below shows some of the jobs Clips That Sell’s been working on. Enough of the self promotional stuff. One thing I hope does roll over from COVID, is being a bit more human in the […]

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Mobile phone versus a real camera

What difference it makes using a real camera (Sony A7iii) versus a mobile phone. Reasons to use a videographer or video production business

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When to DIY video and Why Outsource to a Pro

Video explains when it’s best to make your video yourself versus using a professional

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What it takes create a great promotional video

A well made and creative marketing video, versus one not so well made. Analyses the difference.

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