A template for business explainer videos

Have you ever been to a business presentation, listened to somebody present what they do, and still had no idea about their business? This article shows a template for business explainer videos.

Having a format to follow to explain your business will ensure you don’t miss stating the obvious and leaving viewers wondering what you do. You’ll have an impact every time.

At the Northern Business Achievement Awards in Melbourne, we make video clips for the nominees, so their 60 second presentations stand out and are memorable. The audience gets a vivid image of exactly what the businesses are about, and when they should contact them.

After all, showing is always better than telling.

Here’s an example of one of the videos for a business in Moreland:

So how can you make this happen?

You write a basic script, 150 words long, which we review.

Nothing fancy – just a conversational tone that says clearly

  • what you do,
  • who do you do it for,
  • the problems solved or benefits gained,
  • and why the business is unique.

And that’s it for the business’ creative input! Absolutely no more than 200 words so you get to the core of what’s important, and makes for a snappy, interesting video.

Then we film at your premises. We’ll book ourselves in at a time convenient for you and set up all our gear: a camera on a tripod, lights, mics and teleprompter.

All you need to do then is talk to the camera using the teleprompter, which is really just a piece of special glass in front of the camera lens with your words on it so you don’t forget what to say.

And don’t worry about your acting skills – you don’t have to be a Toastmaster – we warm you up with practice, and film three or four takes so that you’ll be smooth by the time we turn the lights off. If even this is not producing results, we can do it interview-style, which takes a lot longer on our end, but can make even the most wooden subject appear relaxed and comfortable.

Then, of course, we’ll get some background footage – your buildings, some happy clients, staff doing what they do. Plenty of wide and tight shots to cut to to make your video sing your praises and allow the viewer to really get to know your operation and the character of your business. Overall filming takes about two hours.

Back at home I’ll edit to tell the story, documentary style, top and tail with a logo, add name plates and music, and a fabulous video is yours.

We employ expert timing and pace to deliver the message, and the whole thing is subject to your approval of the draft.

From start to end it takes a week or so. Easy to make and low cost.  Just ask.

Have yourself a short, clear presentation for all presentations you’re likely to make, entertain your audience, have them remember you, and pop the same video on your website as an introduction to your business, and share it on social media.

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