Melbourne in Winter – Ways to Improve Video Production Value

It’s cold out there, but what does a video producer do in his spare time?  I’m afraid so, I take photo’s and videos.  Sad I know.  Here’s and example.  A bunch of random shots I’ll put under the theme Melbourne in Winter.  It includes some footage taken at a farm in Violet Town, two hours North of Melbourne, so strictly it’s Winter in Victoria.

Touches which add production value to look out for:

  • time lapse
  • slider shots to ‘reveal’ or to move the foreground against the background
  • framing and movement to lead the eye to a focal point
  • back lighting
  • brightness and colour correction to give a cold winter feel
  • rack focus, to change your point of focus during a scene
  • Gimble shots
  • meteor explosions in the night sky – effects

These things (except perhaps the last) can be used to establish a tone or mood for your clip.

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