Give New Clients Confidence. A video production case study


The Challenge

As businesses, we need to build trust with clients throughout the process, not just prior to making the sale. We need to let new clients know what to expect and create realistic expectations.

Southpaws is a specialist vet surgery in Moorabbin.  If your dog or cat needs an operation, your local vet might refer you to Southpaws.  Whilst these referrals are a good source of new business for Southpaws, there was an opportunity streamline their ‘on-boarding’ process.  In other words, use a video instead of phone conversations, to let new patients know what to expect. Southpaws also wanted potentially anxious, new clients (pet owners) to know their animals were in very capable and caring hands.  They wanted to build trust in their capacity and experience before patients are admitted.


The Solution

I (Keith) met with Charles (my client) at Southpaws to understand their need and see the hospital.  I presented a couple of creative ideas before settling on the video format you see below.  I prepared a scene-by-scene script for Charles to review, and organised an actor and a second videographer.  These additions, whilst adding a little to the budget, enhance the quality of the final video.  A second videographer to focus on getting really good B roll shots whilst I filmed the actor.  Experienced actors generally present better in front of the camera, than the rest of us great unwashed.  Ros (the lady at the start and throughout) remembers the words, and makes sure facial expression and body language are spot on.

Having said all that, it’s certainly possible to make a great video using staff, and most of the videos we make are done this way.

Southpaws video thumbnail

With all the shots in the bag, and a well thought through script, editing was firstly putting the best takes together, and then spacing and pacing cuts with the empathetic music track.

The Results

Southpaws has been using the video for two or three months now.  It is sent out to clients as a link in an email when appointments are made.  Charles says they’re finding people turning up better prepared and knowing what to expect.  Animals have been fasted as per the instructions, and staff are fielding fewer QandA phone calls prior.

From my point of view, it was great to have a client who put his trust in us to do a good job.


by Keith Rhodes