Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms Video Production Case Study

The Brief

The brief was to create a video which shows off the features of this kitchen, bathroom, laundary and study renovation, using attractive footage. This video production project was part of the business's overall marketing strategy to raise awareness and help website visitors into showrooms.

Our Solution

The client prepared the first draft of a script. They wrote the words for the introduction which the actor learnt.

We filmed this in around 3/4 of a day with the client, actor and Keith filming. The video is made up of two parts. 1. where the actor walks and talks showing the features of each room in a more dynamic manner. 2. Half way through the video you'll notice the actor sitting at the kitchen counter. From here she's reading from a teleprompter to deliver a precise script to get the facts out concisely, backed up with 'b-roll' or cover footage.


The video formed an imporant part of Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms marketing collateral, which they can present to prospects. It's helping bring prospects into their Hawthorn and Essendon showrooms.