Women and Mentoring Program Videos

The Brief

Working through a marketing agency, Women and Mentoring (WAM) wanted a video to attract funding partners and sponsors for their mentoring program for women, and another video to attact mentors.

Our Solution

WAM operates from the Women's Centre in La Trobe Street, the old womens hospital. It's a historic building in a lovely location with lots of great spots to film the interviews and get Broll (cover footage). A few spots had too much noise, but we found a couple of acceptable places to film the interviews. We also had time constraints and needed to be done in half a day, so we moved quickly. The only pre-production planning was to write the interview questions a week ahead and sending them to interviewees.

The client provided a brand style guide which made making the graphics easy.

The Outcome

The videos explain the program well, despite not being able to get mentees, or program participants to appear because of safety risks. These videos form part of WAM's publicity material.

If you've got a program or initiative in Melbourne to show and explain, lets discuss some options.