What it takes create a great promotional video

How do you create a great promotional video?   The strategy, the script, humour, actors, the filming gear, the clever editing? All of the above of course. Compare these two videos.

The good example

 This Volvo commercial simply makes your jaw drop and wonder how the guy had the guts to do this stunt. It gets your attention first.  It also makes you think these trucks must have pretty amazing steering and stability.

The bad example

Of course there’s a ton of other differences too and it’s really not a fair comparison.  Budget to name one.  The Volvo commercial would have had a ton more time spent on the strategy, script, filming editing – the best of everything.

It can be useful to deconstruct commercials because they only have 30 seconds to tell a story, and the first 4 or 5 seconds to get your attention. Ask yourself: What was the brief to the agency? What is the single-minded idea?  Who’s the target audience?  With online videos however, you can use more time to provide useful information which your target audience is searching for.

It is more effort to make videos, but they can get the message across better. This clip I made recently, does I think, communicate its proposition more effectively than text would.

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By Keith Rhodes