What does it take to create a great marketing video?

I bragged recently to a past client that I’d bought new camera gear and completed extra training and could make an even better video next time.  So he put it to me – what would I do?  What does make a great video clip?

If you have time, watch these two for comparison (for clarity, I was in no-way involved with either):

The good example

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 This Volvo commercial simply makes your jaw drop and wonder how the guy had the guts to do this stunt.  It also makes you think these trucks must have pretty amazing steering and stability.

The bad example

This tanning salon clip takes too long to get to the point and then doesn’t provide much useful information or extol the salon’s virtues well, in my opinion.    The author has tried to create a back-story with the intro sequence, but it’s boring, and it’s badly exposed.

Of course there’s a ton of other differences too.  Budget to name one.  The Gatorade clip would have had well written script and taking the time and effort to get great footage.

It can be useful to deconstruct commercials because they only have 30 seconds to tell a story, and the first 4 or 5 seconds to get your attention. Ask yourself: What was the brief to the agency? What is the single-minded idea?  Who’s the target audience?  With online videos however, you can use more time to provide useful information which your target audience is searching for, just as I’m hopefully doing with this blog.

Talking of which, you’d be forgiven for wondering why I’m writing this instead of making a video.  I’m the first to admit video isn’t always the most suitable medium, and it takes more effort to produce. However this clip I made recently, does in my opinion, communicate its proposition more effectively than text would.

By Keith Rhodes

Video Production for Melbourne Businesses


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