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As video content becomes more pervasive online, businesses and their video producers need to be more creative in order to stand out.  That doesn’t always mean the video itself has to be exceptionally creative, it might just be that it has a different purpose, message, or  method of delivery.

Like any project, video production is a trade off between time, money and quality.  When I’m in sales mode with a propective client, I spend most time identifying what scale of solution will best fit their circumstance.

So on that note, here I’ll dig into three recent and different Clips That Sell gigs:

Marcus Today –  Investment Education Landing Page Video.

You may have heard Marcus Padley on ABC Melbourne radio or Sky TV giving investment and stock advice, always with a touch of banter.  He wanted some client testimonial videos to put on the sign up landing page to promote his new investment course.  So for efficiency’s sake, I filmed the last part of his one day course and quickly filmed some client attendee comments as vox pop interviews at the end.  We wove these comments with Marcus’s delivery to reinforce the points being made.  There’s a bit of time involved trawling through the footage, finding the best snippets to match up to create a story, but well worth it, with over 300 views and lots of registrations in the first week.

Joopy Shade – a product video advert.

This regular client understands how a video comes together.  In this case he wrote the script, and organised the actor and voice over via – tasks we often do.   He needed me for a just a couple of hours filming and about 4-5 hours editing. This short, sweet and professional advert is the result.

Alternative Engineering – Company Overview and Explainer

Through Alternative Engineering’s marketing company, Asenz, we were engaged to make this company overview, and a dozen short clips for social media.  Asenz prepared the staff well for the interviews and we spent the best part of a day filming at the factory in Kensington.  Some staff were nervous in front of the camera, but chatting with them in the interview format helped the flow.  Much easier and better than presenting direct to camera in this case.

It can be hard to get across why a business is unique and that was the task for this clip.  (We’ve all heard someone say they give exceptional tailored customer service “no really, it’s really good”.  Yeh, just like everyone else).  We couldn’t interview their clients but by hearing it from a variety of staff, the point comes through.  This is backed up by the cover footage (B roll) which shows the capacity of the operation.   Plus don’t forget the other 12  short videos made from the footage, which they can pulse out over the year.

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